High pressure resistance to wear and seizure.
Bearing manufactured from steel with a cross- hatched configuration of the bearing surface and a thermo- chemical surface treatment plus impregnation. This bearing has an excellent resistance to wear and seizure and is particulary suitable for very high contact pressures.

Surface characteristics

The friction area has a multitude of interconnecting channels, preferentially oriented in the direction of motion. These channels provide a reservoir of lubricant in case of random lubrication, a better load distribution, and and efficient removal of abrasive particles from the contact. The thermo- chemical treatment plus impregnation provides a high surface hardness, a good conformability and an excellent resistance to wear and seizure.

Conditions of use

  • Maximum pressure
    – up to 100 N/ mm² ( psi) (contact pressure calculation based on projected area)
    – above N/ mm² (71 psi): consult us
  • Operating speed
    – 0 to 30 m/ min. (0 to 90 ft/ min.)
    – above this: consult us
  • Lubrication
    all oils and greases are satisfactory with the exception of greases loaded with graphite, copper or other metallic compounds
  • Temperature
    – up to 300°C (570°F)
    – above this temperature: special bearings for higher temperature applications can be manufactured
  • Clearances
    – 0.03 to 0.3 mm
    – according to the diameter and the applications
    – opposed shafts or pins
    – P-NR technology surface hardened shafts up to 60 HRc + hard chromium
    – P-CR technology surface hardened shafts up to 60 HRc
    – we can supply these shafts and pins
  • Applications

  • Aerth moving equipment
    – joints for dump trucks
    – bearing blocks for lifts and elevators
    – bearings of piston pump connecting rods
  • Iron and steel processing
    – chain conveyors
    – mould closing articulators
    – open hearth furnace mechanisms
  • Agriculture
    – bearing blocks for agricultural machinery
    – tractory front axle joints
  • Transport
    – leaf spring bearings
    – bearings for braking linkage