Cast ceramics: the raw materials alumina Al₂O₃, ZrO₂ and SiC are fused in a furnace and cast in moulds. This production process makes it possible to cast complex parts.


  • perfect  impact resistance
  • thermal shock resistance
  • abrasive wear resistance
  • during the casting, metallic inserts can be placed
  • adapted to frictional wear

Cast basalt

Cast basalt is a mineral product with high hardness.

The volcanic rock is milled and fused in a furnace at 1280°C and cast in moulds.
The surface is very smooth, so the product is well adapted for frictional wear.

Visuals cast basalt

Properties and advantages:

  • high hardness and wear resistance
  • chemically by inert
  • no water absorption
  • very good resistance to sliding wear

Technical information

hardness Mohs8
specific weight kg/m³2900
compressive strength MPa450
water absorption0
coefficient of thermal expansion W.m-1 .K-11.9


  • wear resistant linings in hydraulic transport of abrasive and erosive material
  • tubes and bends in pneumatic conveying systems, reduction parts, T-pieces, Y-pieces, parts according to drawing
  • lining of chutes, cyclones, chain conveyors, hoppers, mixers, …