gesinterdhardmetaalSintered tungsten carbide hardmetals are manufactured by a powdermetallurgy process. Tungsten carbide powders are sintered with a binder Co or Ni pressing the metal particles into a mold and sintering the material in a furnace during a period ranging from 20 – 200 minutes and a temperature around 1400 °C in a protective atmosphere.
This dense material is cemented and used as wear resistant parts which can be fixed by brasing on a substrate. Cemented or sintered tungsten carbide components are used for many applications that require wear resistance and long lasting.
Tungsten carbide is a tough, high strength material.

  • shaped tips for woodworking
  • seal rings
  • cutting tools
  • die parts
  • discs
  • blasting nozzles
  • metal slitting saws
  • drills for brick and concrete
  • shisels
  • groovers
  • tools for cutting paper, textile, glass fiber, mineral wool and cardboard