Engineering Plastics

Plastic linings to promote flow of bulk materials.


  • extremely good slip properties due to very low coefficient of friction
  • water repellent -> does not show any swelling
  • resistant to aggressive chemical media
  • high impact strenght -> does not splinter
  • resistant to frictional wear
  • retains its porperties even at temperatures below freezing
  • anti-static linings prevent dust explosion
  • for the food industry we offer FDA approved lining sheets

Description – applications:
TIVAR® engineering plastics for trouble-free material flow: The transport and storage of bulk materials is governed by only one constant: the flow of material.
And, it is most important to ensure the flow of materials in chutes, troughs, chain through conveyors and feeding hoppers, one constant for reliable movements has been in existence for more than 25 years: TIVAR®.
TIVAR® linings prevent downtime due to caking, arching, bridging, freezing, funneling, channeling and corrosion. The installation of TIVAR® linings can help reduce time consuming disruptions before they affect operations.