Visuals of VATHARD

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Description of VATHARD
By an unique open arc bulkwelding process an extremely hard complex chromium carbide deposit is welded to a mild steel base plate. After hardfacing the wearplate is formed by plasma or waterjet cutting according to drawing. The visible cracking which is limited to the hard surface layer is a characteristic of this type of product.
This hardplate is recognized throughout industry as the one which produces the hardest wearing plate currently available.
Upon request precise waterjet cutting is applied on screens.

Applications of VATHARD
Chutes, liner plates, deflectorplates, bunkers, hoppers, crushers, feeder throughs, fan linings, screens, cyclones, pulverizers, tubes, dredger suction mouths, excavators, bucket teeth, dredgepump parts, blast furnace bells, palm oil expeller screws, etc.

Physical properties of VATHARD

aspecthardfaced layer with cracks
compositioncomplex chrome carbide
hardness62 - 64 HRc
minimale opmenging met de basisplaat
base plateSt 37.2, St 52 or stainless steel

Dimensions of VATHARD

 Base plateHardfacing
standard thicknesses2 mm2 mm
5 mm3 mm
6 mm4 mm
8 mm5 mm
8 mm7 mm
10 mm5 mm
10 mm7 mm
10 mm10 mm
12 mm5 mm
12 mm8 mm
15 mm5 mm
15 mm10 mm