SIOSIC® is a new 2-component ceramic for abrasive and corrosive high temperature applications, as an alternative to the complex and cost-intensive repair measures.

The cold hardening SIOSIC® can be used for repairs or coating protections of surfaces in high temperature applications ranging between ∆T = -150 °C to +1200°C (wet 700 °C, dry 1200 °C). This implicated lower operating costs and longer life time.


  • can either be used to rebuild a worn metal surface or as a preventative coat-ing
  • has a high content of silicon carbide which is nearly as hard as a diamond and consequently extremely wear resistant, it often outperforms the original metal in terms of abrasive stability
  • a wear protection for repairs and / or for protection of surfaces being in abrasive and corrosive applications pH 0-14
  • a matrix of a non-organic silicate polymer fill with 70% silicon carbide
  • a non-hazardous good, mixed with water it can be easily applied on the surface

    • afterbunners
    • furnaces
    • kettles
    • incinerators
    • flue gas inlets
    • air preheater
    • heat exchanger
    • pumps
    • pipings
    • sockets
    • flanges